When you say “Platinum” in eastern long island, almost everyone you know connects the term with urban entertainment. That comes with no surprise due to the fact that since 1997, platinum hits has been the area’s #1 source for urban entertainment. Back in 1996, Arthor Lee Faber had a vision to restore his community with what he felt was a huge loss. Growing up in riverhead, art became a music lover at an early age. His mom, seeing his interest in entertainment, allowed him to venture by bike to the local music shops located downtown. This music influence propelled Arthor into a nationally credited Deejay (Bigg Premiere) who loved to entertain thousands of party goers all through the 90’s decade. Returning home from a tour trip in 1996, art noticed that the music shop (Entertainment Emporium) that he loved and even assisted in starting his career, had closed.
Arthor took that loss “to heart” and decided that his home town deserved to still be connected to all forms of entertainment. On September the 16th in 1997, platinum hits was born. Originally located on railroad avenue in riverhead, platinum was the areas new home to all forms of urban entertainment. Providing the area with tapes, cd’s, VHStapes, DVD’s, body oils, incense and dj records, platinum was well on its way to becoming “the spot” for everything trending and popular in the urban world. Platinum became more popular for its connection to the local rap scene. In 1998, platinum hosted the 1st mc rap battle in eastern long island. The event titled “king mc” carried on as a yearly event sponsored by the store and grew each year. King mc also ignited the rap careers of several successful rappers and was converted to a short lived mtv tv show.
Over the years since, platinum has moved to different locations and has expanded to carry more merchandise. Besides the riverhead location, platinum has opened several stores in long island and also expanded to other states. Throughout the years, locations have opened in Connecticut, Florida, and Rhode Island. Platinum grew to have a successful clothing division in 2000. Using the connection of urban music, it’s artists, and their clothing lines, platinum became the first official clothing center for the area. The store introduced the town designs of Fubu, Wille Esco, FJ 560, Sean Jean, Roca Wear and more.
Platinum eventually landed where art always dreamed where the store could be, downtown riverhead. Since the relocation, platinum again has expanded. Remaining true to its original mission, platinum still provides the community with all forms of urban entertainment. Now platinum has broadened its boundaries with a community barbershop and an expansion into the prepaid cellular world.
Today, platinum continues to be eastern long island’s “king” of urban entertainment. Customers flock in daily to see what’s new from their favorite R&B singer, the best tunes from Jamaica, or to see what new rapper has entered the hip hop music scene. Platinum continues to reign as the #1 distributor to the public of pure exotic incense and body oils. With a list of scents well over 100 different varieties, it’s no wonder why customers travel as far as 1 hour away to experience the selection. Add the above with platinum’s dominance in the world of prepaid cellular service, there’s no doubt why thousands of customers each year say “when you want the best – you Gotta Go to Platinum!”